The Dashboard

Easy Installation

Our software Integrates seamlessly with all major POS setups. There are no interruptions to your current operations and takes less than 15 minutes. Quick and easy and no added hardware or training needed for staff.

Safe and Secure

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant tokenized credit card vault, with multiple levels of authorizations and over 10 ways we prevent chargebacks from patrons disputing transactions.

Receive Money Directly

Works with existing payment gateway system. Tips from Radtabs are quickly tipped out saving your staff valuable time at the end of the night.

EMV Compatible

Pay at the table or accept EMV payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay



$150 / Month (14 day trial)


  • Data Analytics Dashboard
  • Secure Real-Time Mobile Payments with your Existing POS Processor
  • Chargeback Prevention

Who Thinks it’s Rad.

Compatible Point of Sale Systems

We are always down to add new POS systems. Let's Talk.

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