A Rad Story

Innovation in the Hospitality Industry one bar tab at a time

Radtab was first conceived in Summer 2013 by Shaun Lally, a computer science alum from College of Charleston, Shaun who had knowledgeable coding and design background knew that their had to be a better way for bartenders to manage customer’s bar tabs. First and  foremost Radtab was built for bartenders, servers, and bar owners. Radtab is more than just a another mobile app for bar tabs. Radtab is an experience. The journey and story of Radtab is almost as great as the product itself.

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Nathan Speaking at https://paymentsfn.com/ in May 2018

Shaun quickly had some branding work done by  local design studio Fuzzco and made some potential mockups and designs of how  his software could integrate with bars and restaurant point of sale machines. But before Radtab got off the ground Shaun was in a tragic car accident that left him with a spinal cord injury putting his dream of Radtab on hold for over a year. One day in the Summer of 2015 Shaun met Nathan Adamson at a One Million Cups event in Charleston, SC. Nathan who recently just left University of South Carolina for MUSC was now living in Charleston, SC. Although Nathan at the time was working with a nightlife ticketing startup called Hotspot and understand nightlife, how bars operated, and marketing. Shaun and Nathan quickly hit it off talking about the possibilities of Radtab and how it could potentially work. Shuan and Nathan decided to reboot Shuan’s Radtab idea and made a to do list of what steps were next for the company. From the beginning they wanted Radtab to be different than the other competitors by not needing hardware, training for staff, and no change in billing or existing payment gateway of the venue. Radtab wasn’t about making money it was making bartenders jobs easier and for bar patrons to enjoy their night out instead of worrying about their bar tabs and losing credit cards.

The first year of Shaun and Nathan’s journey began with contacting major Point Of Sale companies  like NCR ALoha and Dinerware about their idea of integration with a cloud app, and talkin to local bar owners about their pain points and what aspects of their business needs innovation. After talking with hundreds of bartenders, servers, and bar owners they started building the very first version of Radtab a heroku app on the MEAN stack.

With this very basic MVP Nathan entered Radtab into a Accelerator program with the Harbor Entrepreneurship Center. They found out in August of 2016 that they would be selected to be in Cohort 6. This Accelerator helped introduce Nathan and Shaun to important business leaders into the community some who are on the Advisory Board to this day. At the end of the Cohort Radtab won the Pitch to the People Contest (pic of the pitch inserted). This then allowed them to be selected to pitch in front of the Charleston Angel Group, Although they made it into one of the final stages their company was still too young. Without hesitation Nathan & Shaun continued with development of the live version of the app soon deciding that it was time for a UI/UX over all in April of 2017